Name: Chris Evenhuis
Born: 07-21-78
Home: Haarlem, Holland
Eyes: Bl
Hair: Br
Height: 6.0 ft
Weight: 165 lbs
Status: Addicted (Hopelessly So)
Pleasure: Baby rodents
Problem: Short Attention Span
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10 most frequently asked questions

(So don't ask me again)

1) Can I have permission to use your art in signatures, tags, etc?
As long as I'm properly credited, my stuff is used strictly for non-profit, personal means and not altered, feel free to go creative. In other words: have fun but play fair!

2) How long does it take you to finish one of these?
Around a couple of seconds to a couple of weeks.

3) Did you go to art school?

4) Whatever happened to that 'Alice' collaboration thing with artist Romano?
Alice will be a continuing Euro-series about a young, powerful but little, outcast witch, looking for her father in a fantasy world. The initial plan was to work on the art together, but neither of us has had the time to start on it properly yet. Now Romano's doing 'Storm' I think it's safe to say I'll be picking up this story on my own in the near future. Don't worry, it is going to happen and when it does it'll be the coolest thing I've ever done.

5) When's the next book coming out?
I'm still busy doing design work for computer games. But I'm going back to comics real soon, too. That's a promise.

6) Oh. Do you sell any original stuff yet?
I'll think about it. In any case, if you'd like to have something you've seen around here, let me know and we'll see if the price is right, so to speak...

7) I still don't see you doing any naked chicks or exploiting lesbian shit. Why not?
My mom reads my stuff, too.

8) Where can I get limited edition, special, collector's item thingies?
A new series of limited edition, high quality prints is currently in production, for sale next fall.

9) What comics do you read?
None right now.

10) Come on, draw me a naked chick!
Leave me alone.